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Free English webinar conducted by Dr David Ingram.


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On 10 November 2018, Dr David Ingram will be conducting a free 30 minute webinar.  During this 30 minute online seminar Dr Ingram will discuss the topics covered on the activity sheets we have available for free download.

Dr Ingram will discuss:

  • why these activities are important,
  • the theory/grammatical rules behind each activity and,
  • how you can continue to improve your English at home.

At the end of the webinar Dr Ingram will allow 10-15 minutes of question time. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you had relating to the tasks on our activity sheets.

Attendance to the live webinar will be very limited and you must register to attend. If you are interested, please fill in the form. We will send you more information in the coming weeks when registration opens.

Update: Registration will open Tuesday 06 November at 07:00AM. Register your interest now to be notified by email when tickets are released.

Note: Tickets are FREE but are VERY limited.


To view the recording, click here.