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Affect or Effect

Posted by ISLPR Language Services on August 5, 2020 at 11:07 AM

Today's blog post is about two words that many people have trouble using, even native English speakers!


affect vs effect


  • to affect (verb, infinitive) = to have an effect on, to change in some way,
    Lying on the beach in the hot sun will affect your skin and cause skin cancer. 
    The rain will affect the outcome of the match. 


  • to effect (verb, infinitive) = to bring something about, to produce an effect, to make something happen,
    Changing the tax policy will effect a change in living standards.
  • effect (noun) = a change on something, a result, a consequence,
    The effect of the hot sun was to cause a headache.
  • effects (noun, plural) = a person’s belongings (often after the death of the person) 


Test out your knowledge and fill in the blanks below. 

test yourself

  1. The singer's cold had a bad ______ on her voice.
  2. This drought will ______ the lawn but at least we won't have to mow it.
  3. The current COVID-19 pandemic will badly ______ the world economy but its ______ on humanity is catastrophic.

Post your answers in the comments and we'll let you know if you are correct.

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