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Update on the ISLPR Online Test - FAQs

Posted by ISLPR Language Services on July 23, 2020 at 2:06 PM

Last Updated: February 2021

We have received many emails about the online test that we are currently trialing. Due to the number of emails we have received, it will not be possible to answer each email individually. We have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that hasn't been answered, please leave a comment below and we'll answer it as soon as possible.


Why are you developing an online test? COVID-19 has had a serious impact on ISLPR Language Services. Due to the nature of the ISLPR test, i.e. a one-to-one test, it has been very difficult to organise and schedule new test dates in each city/country. As such, we decided to spend time focusing on the development of an online test.  The online test will also enable us to respond to international requests for access to the ISLPR test.

How is the online test different to the face to face test? We have worked hard to ensure that the principles of the ISLPR are unaffected by this online version. In short, the test will still consist of a one hour interview and one hour writing test. The only difference is, the interview will be conducted via video conferencing software and the writing test will now be completed on the computer. You will still have face-to-face contact online with a tester.

Will the face to face test be discontinued once the online test is introduced? No. We will always offer face-to-face testing. The COVID-19 pandemic simply highlighted the need for a more accessible test that wasn't reliant on an individual attending a testing centre.

When will the online test be available? We can not confirm this yet. The online test has been in its development stages for many months now. We have begun trials and are rigorously testing out the software to ensure its suitability for high stakes testing. We are not currently willing to provide an estimated availability date as our main concern is ensuring the software is perfect as opposed to rushing its development. 

Can I trial the software? We have already begun trials and contacted the most suitable candidates. There are a number of prerequisites in order to take part in trials and we are not flexible on these requirements since we need to meet conditions to ensure the validity of the trial results. Should we require more participants for the trials, we will re-open our expressions of interest page but the prerequisites will remain. For the time being, we are not accepting any more expressions of interest. Please be aware that, while expressions of interest are closed, we will not be able to reply to emails asking to participate in the trials.

What were the prerequisites in order to take part in the trials? Those who are taking part in our trials had to meet the following requirements:

  • You have never done the ISLPR test before.
  • You must have access to a webcam.
  • You must have access to a desktop or laptop (no tablets/iPads allowed)
  • You must know how to use Google Meet (free). You must know how to share your desktop screen.
  • You must have Google Chrome.
  • You must have a quiet room in your house/office where you can close the door and isolate yourself from others.
  • You must be tech savvy and know how to navigate Google Meet & Chrome. We will not be able to assist you with using these programs during trials as our focus is on the software and the testing procedure.

I am participating in the trials. Will I get feedback on my trial test? No. The purpose of the trials is to test out the software and receive feedback from candidates on how easy or hard they found the software to use. You can use this as an opportunity to practise. However, we will not be providing individual feedback or ratings to candidates that participate.

Is the online test accepted by all end-users? This cannot be confirmed yet. The purpose of the trials is to ensure there are no issues with the software. After trialling the software we will conduct a series of tests that will be reported on. The final report will be sent to our end-users. It is after this that we will be able to announce the launch of our software.

Why is it taking so long, I thought it would be ready by now? The development of new software is a lengthy process. We want to ensure that our software is of the highest quality and that we are honouring the principles of the ISLPR test.

Will extra time be offered for the computer writing test? No. We will not be extending the time for the writing test. If you are uncomfortable using a computer or feel you type too slowly, we recommend doing the face-to-face test instead. Are you unsure how fast you type? You can test how fast you type by taking part in this free online typing test


Have we answered your question? If not, leave a question below and we'll post the answer above! Check back here for updates.


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At ILS, language testing is personal.

Language is an interactive and social skill. Therefore, we believe English should be taught and tested similarly.

ISLPR Language Services (ILS) developed the ISLPR® Test because we saw the need for a test that examined your real-life language. The ISLPR® Test is an interactive and personalised test. As the ISLPR test is personalised for each candidate, there are no tricks to pass the test. 

Why we're different:

  • We test your speaking, listening and reading skills in a one-to-one interview.
  • The content of your test is customised to match your area of expertise.
  • The ISLPR is the shortest English test, therefore minimising the chance of fatigue.
  • We offer individual English tutorials with accredited tutors.
  • We offer a feedback service so you can find out why you got that rating in your test.


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